Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Muffler Pack

For those that bleed Blue!

This pack is a proven combination of Reaper DemonFlow mufflers for your Sedan or Ute XR6 Turbo's. The kit includes 1 x  Rear Dumper Series Muffler and 1 x middle muffler. Available in either 3.5" or 4" inlet. As with all our gear these are weld in units.

We reduce cost in the bundle cause we know this kit sounds and performs on these high heat, high HP FPV's, so we want to see more cars with our gear on. The rear muffler can be either singe 4.5" lobster dump or straight tip, or twin 3.5" lobster dumps or straight tips.

The kit also has a middle muffler, with the highest flow straight through Demon Flow range in such large sizes, a single rear muffler is very loud. Some racetracks may require a max decibel limit, this middle muffler will help take out nasty rasp and reduce overall loudness. All our mufflers are Race Only.


Free stickers with every kit!



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