Demon Flow Mufflers Series 2.0 NEW!!!

NEW 2.0 Demon Flows are 1.5mm thick 304SS Bodies with 201SS internal Perforated Tube. These mufflers use a unique combination of woven ceramic and stainless steel fibers to minimize unwanted drone whilst retaining the crisp high flow howl of your machine. For Max Flow, Race and HiPo street applications only. Demon Flow can handle up to 1500 HP with the right system!

HellChamber Mufflers

Precision TIG welded 409 grade Stainless Steel high flow muffler will help you outrun the reaper! These mufflers use a chambered internal structure to produce that desired muscle car sound whilst increasing exhaust flow. The Hell Chamber comes in stealth black ceramic finish, it is very light weight and is classed as our entry level performance muffler for muscle cars that do 50% or more street driving and want that classic Detroit Muscle sound. Available in up to 3 Inch pipe diameter, Hell Chamber can flow up to 1000 HP with the right system!

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Engineering Services

Reaper Engineering specialists in taking the guess work out of getting the right combination for Race, HIPO street or Muscle Cars. Reaper uses the latest computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis software. We are able to produce reports, plans and designs that more accurately specify what your combination needs to produce a specific power curve and peak output. Contact us to find out how we can help with your build.


The following video demonstrates the difference in tone and loudness that could be achieved from the ultra high flowing 304 stainless steel Demonflow race series mufflers. Lightweight 304 grade SS mufflers provide superior protection form rust and fatigue while TIG welded seems eliminate burst failure due to backfires. Hybrid Ceramic Steel core produces a deep yet crisp HIPO or Muscle car sound, without the drone!